Repair phone Sai Gon, Ho Chi Minh City


Repair phone Sai Gon, Ho Chi Minh City

Repair service to quickly unlock devices and phones in Ho Chi Minh City

Lifetime warranty, genuine parts

Portable locked phones from abroad to Vietnam will not be used immediately, but you must bring them to specialized unlocking centers to open the network so that the technician can buy a foreign carrier contract release code or use a software solution. soft. So where is the address to unlock and crack a reputable lock phone in Ho Chi Minh City?

Unlock the phone with genuine code, do not disassemble the device, lifetime warranty for the device. Committed to the cheapest phone unlock price in Ho Chi Minh City

How to check for common errors on your phone yourself
Huy Dung shares more common phenomena that you can rely on to diagnose which part your phone is damaged.

The phone is faulty

Antenna error: The signal is weak and flickers sometimes, the column shows 1 bar
Error due to wifi ic or wave ic: The device does not catch the signal
Phone has sound problem

Due to Speaker, Mic: The phone cannot record, the internal speaker, the external speaker is shy, the device does not make sound using apps like facebook, Zalo, Calling all have the same error
Due to ic Audio : The device is completely lost or wrong sound. It is possible that in this application, it can be used through another application, but it does not work
The phone has a bad battery drain

Due to battery: The device drains the battery, suddenly turns off the power, the battery shows signs of swelling, but the device does not show signs of abnormal heat.
Due to the source ic, Main: The phone heats up frequently even when not in use. Using a new battery won’t fix it either
Phone with broken screen

Touch screen error: When the device is bumped and the touch flickers, freezes, jumps unusable.
Screen cable error: The screen is streaked, color blurred, the touch is paralyzed. This error is caused by the machine being wet
The machine has broken glass : The impact machine has broken the glass but the screen is still showing well
LCD error: The machine was bumped, spilled ink, broke the screen inside

Distinguish between unlocked phones and international versions

– Locked phones can only use 1 sim carrier, which has signed an exclusive contract to provide network services when you buy the device.

– International version phones will use any sim, any country in the world. Just insert the sim card and you can use it right away.

So we need to find a solution to Unlock Samsung network to be able to use any carrier sim around the world.

Unlock Unlock Phone by software device (100% Success)

Is the unorthodox form but the most popular with Samsung users locked network. The safe solution does not pose any legal or quality risk to use. Time to perform Samsung unlocking and jailbreaking is fast in 30 – 120 minutes, cheap cost, no unlocking, no loss of zin.

Unlock Unlock Phone by buying code with carrier (Success rate 50%)

Is a legal form of officially liquidating the contract, accepting compensation for the expenses committed to use with foreign carriers. The phone will be officially unlocked from the global system.

It takes 1-7 days to make, depending on the carrier, country and model. Sometimes denied for machines that owe or report loss in the past.


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